Boneyard Fun

While in Vegas for Jasper and Mia’s wedding, Ron and I decided to do something a little different (and a little touristy) by scoping out some sin city history! We made reservations to tour the Neon Boneyard, which is basically a junkyard of old historical Vegas neon signs. The guided tour was very informative, but what made the experience even more exciting was all the photo opportunities! The tour guide said that there are plans for restorations and a future gift shop in this upcoming year or so, so stop by and visit whenever you’re in vegas!

old neon lettering !

this is what happens when your hubby’s a shoe head AND not technically savy with a dslr!

but after a lil practice and coaching, his skills improved.. hehe! remember these stars from the old Stardust hotel?

Ron trying to be a sexy beast!

me trying to be sassy, hah!

“R” is for Ron….. LOL

our tour guide thought that this would be a cute picture. too bad it says OX and not XO! but anyways props to him for taking this!

Later on we attended Jasper and Mia’s wedding. I was a guest, so I managed to shoot what I could without getting in the way of the hired photographers or interfering with their lighting 😉 Here’s just a sneak peak. I actually have the shot right after this which has them locking lips, but i absolutely love this moment right before that kiss! I disabled my flash so that I wouldn’t be interfering with the main photogs, but I’m totally feeling this ambiance. Stay tuned!

Ish - That shot of Mia and Jasper looks just as good, if not better, than any professional’s! I must visit the Boneyard. I’ve been looking for potential places to shoot. I’m working on a “Series of the Eras” project. :)

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Jasper and Mia

I remember the first time I “met” Mia, which was through Myspace. I got a message from Jasper and because they were both serving in the Air Force and stationed in Germany, Myspace seemed appropriate. He was so excited to introduce her to all his friends! I didn’t know Jasper well enough at the time (since he was technically Ron’s superfriend) but I knew enough to know that she was really special to him…

What started off as friendship eventually turned into a schoolyard crush. It was raw and it was refreshing. According to Mia, He wasn’t her type and she wasn’t his. But they had so much in common that they just clicked like you wouldn’t believe. Although both their flirtatious intentions were obvious, neither one of them had the courage to admit anything. That was until the aftermath of Combat Dining… After enjoying a night of tradition and festivities, Jasper summoned the courage and yelled out, “I LOVE YOU MIA!” Initially Mia didn’t take it seriously so she didn’t think much of it. But Jasper being ever so persistent, called her work the very next day and laid his heart out on the table. After that, Jae & Mia was established and the rest was history…

A couple days ago Jasper asked Ron if I’d like to take pictures of them as an engagement session so to speak. I was really nervous cause I knew engagement sessions required alot of posing and directing since engagement moments are not necessarily candid (i heart candid moments). But how could I say “No” to Mia and Jas?! lol. Hope you like your pictures… Looking forward to your guys’ wedding at the end of this month!!

well, it use to say Williams-Sonoma, couldnt help myself. lol
do you know where we’re at?

we had this inside joke with mirror reflections and cameras. lol!

I call these next couple of pictures, the many faces of jasper! he reminds me of my brother, hehe! The lighting was oh-so-perfect! But it also helped that they’re a good looking couple 😉

Ron’s favorite picture

change of venue when the security guard asked us kindly not to take pictures! Oh well, at least I got my shots!

Exactly why i love candid shots!

Gary - Kristine,

You are a natural behind the camera!

Freddy Burgos - Nice pictures Kristine! I like Ron’s favorite too, great stuff!

jojo - i read through your whole “intro” part and just started looking at the pics cus i got excited.. and half way through i didnt know it was YOU taking them! hahaa they look really good kristine! super pro!

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There’s Something About Mary! (debut)

Yesterday we celebrated MM’s (Mary Michael) 18th Birthday Filipino style with a “Something about Mary” twist! There were alot of “scenes” some of which included dance numbers, singing, the traditional 18 candles and 18 roses, and a family Buttercup music video. Anyways as with any family party, my dad was the DJ (, Tito Ermie was the MC, and Kuya Gary was the photographer (

Since Ron and I gave MM the gift of a MAC makeover, MM was with me most of the day. Here are some pictures I snapped.

MM told me this was her “first time” being done up professionally at a makeup counter (besides being done up at my wedding)! I dunno why but she was so shy!

the final looks! Doesnt she loook like an Aphrodite goddess? hollla!! hehe!

one last look in the mirror with Madel. Do we look okay?!
the father/daughter dances.. hmm i think there were about 3 of them. Tito Dennis sure surprised alot of us. I think the ONE and ONLY time I’ve EVER seen him DANCE was New years of 08 and under certain circumstances… haha!

Kuya Gary in action. No one ever takes pictures of the photographer, so here’s one for you kuya! I’m reallllly lucky to have a Kuya who’s in the photography business! For Christmas, him, Ate Bev, and Ayden got me a subscription to Photography magazine! <3

Deven the rose coordinator (and later one the jabbacwockee dance machine!). He handed out roses to the 18 guys that danced with MM. I liked this picture cause I caught him watching his dad.

And then when i looked over at Rodney, he was looking right back at him! So cute!

Juren being funny with his rose! LOL btw, if you get seasick during the video of the “Cruz Cousin” dance routine, you can blame Juren! LOL! jk juren 😉

The Cruz Cousin dance routine. our “dance routines” has been a long running family tradition. Every Christmas when we were small kids, our Lola (grandma), had us dress up and re-enact the birth of Jesus in a manager. With 12 grandchildren, every one always had a part. Later we eventually started doing family talent shows, which later became “a dance number” at EVERY family party. It’s been a while since we did a dance routine though, and what was different about this time was now Ron was included! haha! Our dance this time was alot shorter than previous dances, but hey we’re grown ass individuals now! Enjoy!

or as your friends call you, MARY!

and last but not least, the BUTTERCUP Panganiban/Cruz music video!
*Families on this video were from all over! Including the Philippines, Southern and Northern California, Mississippi, and New Mexico.

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Baby Boomers

::] song: Priscilla Ahn: Dream (from Bride Wars) [::

Yesterday I finished a final paper for my health policy elective class. The hot topic I selected for my paper’s discussion was based on relationship between caregiving, longterm care, and the inevitable aging population of baby boomers. Many research articles I’ve read have claimed that there has been a decline in baby making. Well, I beg to differ!

Today I attended my 4th baby shower of the year. Yes, the year … and it’s barely March! My dear friend Alysce is expecting her first girl, Kalia, this April. Alongside her these lovely ladies are expecting their first borns as well.

Angela Czaplicki just delivered her first baby girl, Emilyn, a few days ago
Christy Trunnell is expecting baby girl Caitlyn anytime now! (March)
Ate Ervy is expecting twin boys in late March/April
Ate Liza is expecting baby girl Vanessa in May
Julie (Anderlik) Guiterrez is expecting baby girl Kailey in May
Jessica Novicio is expecting baby girl Cali this June
Minerva is expecting a baby boy this June/July
Jen Hosana
is expecting her first baby boy this summer (July?)
Melissa Castle is expecting her first baby (sex not yet known) this August

And a few days ago, my Ate Beverly just announced that she’s pregnant with her second baby!

I don’t know what’s in the water these days, but one thing’s for sure: It’s Baby Fever! (And it’s alot of girls, so far, hehe)

And don’t be asking me about any baby fever! I’m in school remember:)

Anyways, here are some pictures from Alysce’s baby shower

from Kim’s (one of the RN’s) bakeshop in Orange County. Her cakes are to diiiie for!

i love this “diaper cake”

When your coworkers throw you a baby shower and they’re all NICU RNs, then YOU KNOW that your breastfeeding and lactation issues are all covered!

angie, alysce and me
angie was 1 of the 4 in my new grad group (July 05).
She moved to UCLA’s NICU later on. It was sooooo great to see her!!

And since we’re on the topic of babies and I’m really late on these.. Here’s some of my niece Khayla from her 1st birthday!! She’s the 1st baby I’ve witnessed to actually ENJOY an astrojump!

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Bucket List

Sometimes I think that I possess some mild and alternative form of ADHD. I’m never satisfied with settling, and I’m constantly finding new hobbies and endeavors to feed my need for new experiences. My bucket list is constantly being readjusted each time I foresee myself coming within reach of checking off all of the empty boxes. Fortunately for me, I have a husband who claims to whole heartedly support all my wild goose chases! *wink*

Oh well, live life to it’s fullest right?

Here’s my updated bucket list for 2009. Some are materialistic from my childhood dreams and some are just encounters I have yet to experience!

– Have a career I’m passionate about and be independent by the age of 21 (accomplished July 2005)

– Obtain a BSN (accomplished May 2007)

– Obtain a Masters Degree (currently pending)

– Own a home (accomplished May 2006)

– Own a 6 bedroom house like my parents

– Own my first car as a brand new BMW (accomplished Jan 2008, Twin Turbo 335i baby!)

– Get back to, and maintain “high school” weight when I was fit and trim from being on the basketball team

– Learn how to belly dance (accomplished October 2004)

– Learn ballroom dancing with my husband

– Become a mom (for those always wondering *ahem*, definitely after school)

– See a musical on Broadway in NY! (accomplished Dec 2007 “Little Mermaid”)

– Be on National TV (accomplished Feb 2008 Rachael Ray daytime talk show)

– Learn to knit

– Learn to sew/tailor clothes

– Learn to play guitar and/or piano

– Learn to speak Spanish to my patients

– Run a marathon

– Swim with dolphins (accomplished June 2007)

– Ride an elephant

– Scuba Dive (accomplished June 2008)

– Go parasailing

– Visit Great Britain (accomplished June 2004)

– Visit more of Europe, especially Italy, Spain and France

– Try an authentic deep dish pizza in Chicago

– Visit Alaska

– Climb a pyramid

– Visit New York City in the winter and eat one of their hot dogs (accomplished Dec 2007)

– Scrapbook (accomplished Sept 2007)

– Go to the Olympics

– Go on a cruise line

– Learn how to cook entrees with tight ass presentations

– Learn how to make fruit art!

– Learn how to bake cakes/cupcakes with cool presentations

– Throw a perfect dinner party after learning how to make all that food!

– Ride a hot air balloon (accomplished Sept 2006)

– Go white water rafting

– Hike a mountain

– Route 66 Road trip

– Have a full spa day (done one too many times)

– Visit Bourbon Street in New Orleans

– Visit a waterfall (I guess climbing a water fall counts too! Oct 2007)

– Witness whales in the ocean

– Ride a helicopter

– Take a girls only trip to Vegas (accomplished June 2006 and my Bachelorette Party Aug 2007)

– Live credit card debt free (accomplished July 2008)

– Buy a dslr camera and learn to use it (always learning..)

– Have my fantasy fairytale BIG WEDDING – (accomplished Oct 2007)

– Experienced the power of prayer – (accomplished)

– Go Zip Lining (accomplished in Jamaica Oct 2007)

– Learn how to surf (accomplished in Hawaii Feb 2007)

– Learn to Snowboard and CARVE (accomplished Winter 2003)

– Become innovative and start my own small business

Your Hubby - You know I support your endeavors babe! Keep doing what you’re doing, I love you for that.

…pursue your interests…

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