The Transition to 3

I have always wanted 3 kids.  There was no reason behind it.. THREE just felt like the perfect number. And I wanted my kids to all be close in age, with no more than a two year age gap. But I knew that having 3 — whose ages would be 3 and under — would not be an easy feat.  Ron and I would be outnumbered. It would be crazy, chaotic times.. but, believe it or not, I kind of wanted the cRaZy.

So far, the hardest transition for me personally, has been the recovery. Even though this is my third time around this rodeo, I knew that come Postpartum Day 4, my body would begin hating me. And sure enough it did… Now let’s be real here, I’m sore all over… At Day 4, my milk came in, which meant breast engorgement and I had a baby that was chomping away with an improper latch. My bottom was sore.. for obvious reasons (and we’ll leave it at that), and I had two other toddlers who still needed to be taken care of. That, plus hormones. I don’t have the blues (which is very real by the way), but every time I stare at my kids, I can’t help but wonder as to how I got so lucky… that God chose me to be their mother… then I just start crying, which causes my breasts start leaking, which leads to more engorgement. It’s a funny, yet vicious cycle really. Fortunately however, being that it IS my third time around this rodeo, my body is recovering a lot faster than previous labor recoveries. I just gotta give it time and I know that. Ron was able to have about a week and half off from work, so that’s been a huge help too with our multiple appointments and keeping the girls to their routine. Next week however, I’ll be fully on my own. And quite honestly, although I’m a bit nervous.. I know I’m going to have to face the music sooner or later!

Which leads me to the girls. I think another major transition for us was figuring out how this transition would be for them. Eva was actually very excited to have a new brother on the way, so it was Kalia that we were worried about. She’s a total mama’s girl and can be quite territorial with me.

To our surprise, Kalia has been adjusting quite well. She’s still quite clingy with me, but she doesn’t mind that I have Miles in my arms for long periods (when I’m nursing), just as long as she can sit nearby. She’s quite smitten with him and loves the opportunity to hold and kiss him.

Eva on the other hand– she’s my little mama. She’s a sensitive soul and we realized the extent of it when my parents first brought the girls back to our place the same day we were discharged from the hospital. She had been asking my parents all day to see her baby brother and unfortunately she had a misconception right off the back when she first came through the door and saw one of her uncles. So instead it was tantrums and chaos followed by comforting and then finally some one-on-one time with her newest brother.

The first day home and the girls one-on-one time with baby brother


Eva – “If he cries, call me okay?”

We decided to keep the girls going with their same daily routine, and so far, it has worked out very well for us in this whole adjustment. It’s been a week and both girls are still head of heels in love with Miles and I have to keep reminding myself that love smothering is better than jealousy !! They’re both such little mamas and are always wanting to help.  It’s been a trip to observe their way of thinking too! With me nursing Miles, the girls are also pulling down their shirts saying, “Can I feed him? I have milk cause I drink milk. ” lol!

I know we still have many days to go before we all get some kind of routine established, but for now.. this has been a good start.:-)If there are any mamas of 3 of out there who can offer any advice, please feel free to message me! I’d love to hear it!



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