Beats for BECKHAM

A few years ago, I attended my first photography workshop, the Lyon Shop, and meet a sweet couple from Texas. Although my encounter with Lindsey and Beto was only for a few days, the power of social media allowed us to keep in touch as both our businesses began to grow. Out of all the things I love about photography, networking with amazing individuals from across the nation has definitely been one them.

Earlier in the year, Lindsey and Beto announced that they were expecting their first baby boy, Beckham. Prenatally however, their bundle was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), a condition in which, the left side of the heart does not develop properly in utero causing inadequacy of the heart to pump oxygenated blood effectively to the rest of his body. You can read about Lindsey and Beto’s recollection here, as they hoped for a miracle. As a NICU RN, my heart ached for them as I remembered vividly, the little HLHS baby I once cared for a few years back. Beckham and his family will have a long road ahead of them for the first few years of life due to the multiple heart surgeries he would need to undergo to allow his body to receive oxygenated blood.

I’ve been keeping up with Beckham’s progress through Lindsey and Beto’s support group, Beats for BECKHAM. He recently had hist first surgery and has been having some setbacks in his recovery. Being in my field, setbacks are always expected, but it’s definitely hard to imagine what parents go through, especially when it is someone you know.

I share Beckham’s story with you because I believe in the power of prayer, and his family are in definite need of it. So if you could please, take a moment today to say  a quick prayer for Beckham and keep his family in your thoughts. Thank you.


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