A Sucker for Succulents

The domesticated wifey in me is a sucker for succulents. I just love the unique look, the colors, and most importantly, the self-sustaining hardiness of these plants! I definitely don’t have a green thumb and if there’s a low maintenance plant that requires watering only twice a month, I’m ALL OVER IT!

Building a outdoor succulent garden or an indoor succulent terrarium is really not all that hard! For the indoor&outdoor gardens I purchased:

  • A small planter (for the outdoor) or decorative glass jars or tall cylinder vases (indoor terrarium)
  • specific cactus soil (drains well)
  • small rocks/pebbles and activated charcoal (for indoor terrariums)
  • variety of succulent plants (Home Depot or local farmer’s market)


Building Your Indoor Terrarium

  1. Place a thin layer (approx. 1 inch) of small stones at the bottom of your terrarium to help drainage.
  2. Place a thin layer (approx. 1/2 inch) of activated charcoal over the stones. This acts as a filtration substrate and keeps the water cleaner.
  3. Place a layer of potting soil approximately 2” deep.
  4.  Carefully plant your plants in the soil.
  5. Finishing touches – add ornaments or decorations to give your terrarium a special theme. (Optional)

CARE: Indirect sunlight and watering twice a month (I use a turkey baster)

Here’s the final product in our home…

Outdoor Succulent Gardens

These are much easier to care for since you don’t have to worry about creating a place for water to drain. Basically, soil and plant your arrangement accordingly to your taste! Care is the same.

Here is the finished product on our outdoor planter:


Happy Tuesday!

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