Baby Ryan {Orange County NICU Photography}

Baby Ryan is actually one of my “September babies” who was born about 6 weeks earlier than scheduled. Being that NICU babies hold such a special place in my heart (because of my other profession), I wanted to document this delicate time for Ryan’s family. He was actually doing pretty well when I came to visit him, so I’m sure with just a bit more feeding & growing, he’ll be home in no time!

orange county nicu photographynicu photography

nicu photographer

Ryan’s momma taking his temperature and getting him ready to bottle county nicu photography

Big sister pointing out Ryan’s “oww-wee,” which is actually the IV on his foot.
orange county nicu photography

There are some things we take for granted, such as an infant being able to eat from a bottle. Preemies who are 35 weeks and less struggle with the suck/swallow/breath coordination, as well as the stamina to actually finish a bottle. But Ryan mastered that with ease during this particular county nicu photographer

orange county nicu photographyTo Ryan’s family: You guys are in my thoughts and I’m wishing the little guy a speedy and healthy recovery! I’ll see you again soon for his newborn session when he officially becomes a “NICU graduate.”


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