Jennie & Harvey Married!

Typically, I don’t shoot weddings… but every once in a blue moon, comes that one bride that changes my mind for a split second.  Jennie was that bride. I had told her that the bulk of my work consisted of children and newborns, and that I even had a criteria for the weddings that I’m committed to accepting. I must have sounded like I was the bride with all criteria, but regardless, Jennie went ahead and trusted me to document her special day. (She did more than that, the girl got me to hike Mount Rubidoux in Riverside).

Jennie & Harvey, thanks for having me and Ron along to be a part of your *10.10.10* wedding day at Edwards Mansion in Redlands! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness, and hey, if you decide to make more beautiful babies, you know I’m your girl!! 😉

I don’t usually post this many images, but then again, I don’t usually shoot nor post weddings. I had quite a few that I would have liked to post, so for more images, be sure to view their slideshow at the end!

In lieu of guests favors, Jennie and Harvey made a donation for St. Jude’s Cancer research. I thought that was definitely a sweet touch!

I know I posted a picture of this already, but I just love this angle. For a moment, I felt like I was in their little girls’ perspective.

For more images, please watch their slideshow!!

Anonymous - MAMAS!!!! I GOT CHILLS LOOKING AT THEM!!! :) You make me want to get married again, just so I can hire you to do my pictures! So proud of my talented girl! Jennie looks fabulous!

Jalyn - Bhaha – that comment was from me :)

gladys jem - you are an all around incredible photographer. always amazed by you when you post weddings/or anything involving a wedding gown! great work kristine!

kc - thanks jalyn! :)
And gladys thanks! means alot getting encouragement from fellow photogs!!!!

Kim Ugale - The pictures turned out great Kristine!! Good job!

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